1 Speed Boat And 3 Semi- Submersible Boat Captured By The Colombian Navy

3 mins read  Sealuminati TeamNovember 6, 2021

The Colombian Navy has captured about 7,410 Kilo of cocaine as well as three semi-submersibles and a speedboat successfully in the Four Maritime Operations. The Colombian navy has also mentioned that they will work with the international organization to stop all these kinds of illegal actions across the water

The Colombian Navy and the coast guard have tracked down semi-submersible boats, having a chance of carrying drugs in an area near the mouth of the Naya River Flowing towards the Southern Coast of Colombia. While working in the heavy weather they have traced one small ship which is trying to escape from the officers. There are also about 3 people who were there on the ship and out of three, two were caught while throwing several packages in the ocean.

The Colombian Navy with the help of the Colombian Air Force has captured the Vessel Successfully along with its three crew members and successfully recovered the packages which were thrown by the crew is taken under consideration, they have reported about 340 kilos of Cocaine from all those packages altogether.

In one more separate Operation with the US Southern Command, they have successfully captured about 1,573 Kilos of Cocaine in which they have arrested a speed boat operating from the city of Salinas, Ecuador.

The Colombian Navy is also involved in two more operations. With the help of the joint task force, it has captured two semi-submersible boats. Both the Operations are situated in the Malpelo island in the Pacific. One of the two boats was captured about 26 nm away from the island while the other was captured 220 nm away from the sea. A total of 5,497 kilos of cocaine was seized along with three Ecuadorians and three Colombians.

The Colombian navy reported that it will give its best to participate in the coordinated, combined, and multilateral operations against the drug trafficking organizations operating in the region.